Beginning – My 1st post and Shoes by Ruthie Davis

Hello and Welcome!

So here I am, found courage to start my own blog finally! )))

And I think the best way to start doing something new and exciting is to talk about something or someone you really like.

I’m in love with so many designers in the world of shoes, but my favorite one is Ruthie Davis.

I fell in love with her shoes immediately! And this connection is still strong and more than that it grows every day. )))

That’s why when I heard about Ruthie Davis Sample Sale a couple of days ago I was on the 7th sky!!! I couldn’t wait to go there.

I asked my friend to join me in my journey and share this amazing experience.

Well, what to say – I was happy!!! Happy to meet Ruthie and her team, happy to see her designs, touch them, try them on, feel the energy, even have a small talk )))).

More than that I had a chance to meet a blogger I follow – MissMeanShoe. That was exciting – especially because it’s great to realize there are real people behind all these digital names and posts ))).

I wanted to buy shoes so badly, unfortunately there was nothing for me that day, but I found a way out and bought an amazing clutch – “GORGE” as Ruthie commented. )))

And one more thing – here is a link to Ruthie Davis website, visit it and see maybe these shoes will become your passion!




These shoes are amazing! Bright! Juicy! A source of energy!


Maria tries to stay still while I’m taking a photo )))


Stunning Shoes!


Maria, Ruthie, I and my new clutch with Swarovski Crystals!


Happy me!


MINE )))))


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