To all my friends and followers,

I want to challenge you!

I know there are many of you who are in love with shoes – just looking at them, buying them, making them, talking about them etc.

So rules of this contest:

You have 1 week to finish your task.

I challenge you to take a photo of your favorite pair of high heels.  You can take pictures of the heels you have or someone you see on the street.  Women and men are both eligible!

If you have an outrageous pair of high heels, we want to see it!  If you think you have the sexiest pair of heels, we want to see that too!

When you finally get your outstanding picture, post it on MeliModa facebook wall.

And then whoever gets more likes on their photo –  will get a PRESENT!!!!

MeliModa will present you a pair of folding flats by RelaxMissy. How awesome is that, my friends? ))))

The Contest starts now and will be ended June, 1 2012.

Ready… Steady… Gooooooo!!!!!!!!


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