Creative Mixer at 92nd Street and Michael Kors Event

Being an intern in fashion is a lot of fun!

Especially for me – I just love it! I love to discover more and more about myself, fashion and me in fashion.

When I saw a notice about Creative Interns Mixer  – my thought was “interesting, what is that?”

But when I read further and noticed “Michael Kors Event” – my immediate though was “definitely going”!

It was great! I was happy to meet and communicate with new people, some of them were even new to NYC (fresh and energetic). I just wish we could have more time to talk.

After the mixer was over, I was ready for Michael Kors Event. I didn’t really know what to expect. But I was so curious about his personality, his career, his vision – and I heard it all!

He was so funny, talked about his achievements with such an ease, talked about his career year after year, which I liked a lot ’cause that was exactly what I wanted to know.

Everyone had a chance to write a question to Michael – and of course I did. I asked for advice – advice for young designers – and the answer was – You have to have a team! I couldn’t agree more!

I felt great! More than great! I felt like the world is my playground and I could have it all!

Michael Kors is a very talented designer. I bet most of us have something from his brand.

And thanks, Universe, for people like him!


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